No one sings like you anymore

Event Related Artwork


Rickshaw Mural

World-renowned Local Philippine artist Bert Monterona has created a gorgeous tapestry of Chris Cornell, shown here hanging in the Rickshaw Theatre, commemorating the life and music of Chris Cornell.  The mural will hang at the Rickshaw prior to and during the event.   If you click the image, you will see the journey of how Bert created this masterpiece .  

This mural may be auctioned for charity after the event.


T-Shirt Artwork

Talented artist Tim Au-Yeung is creating the T-Shirt art for this tribute event.  Please check out his website by clicking the image for a preview of what is definitely going to be one of the most amazing event T-Shirt designs in the history of Rock.


Watch for More CC Art in Vancouver

A small group of talented Vancouver-based Philippine artists are working on a mural to celebrate the Tribute Event and the Mural Festival  We will update information for the unveiling, and these are bound to become iconic Vancouver Rock tourism attractions.


Event & Souvenir Poster

Mia  Claravall Reyes created the beautiful event poster. 

One of the great tattoo artists in the Philippines, 

Art Director & former Art Teacher.