Chris is my rock

 I have been a fan of Chris since the early Soundgarden days when I first heard Black Hole Sun.  I was devastated when Soundgarden disbanded, and also when Rage Against the Machine dissolved as Tom Morello was my favourite guitarist But then I was elated when they teamed up to form Audioslave.   Life is a roller coaster and I've been on one constanlty, but my Big Brother Chris and his music have helped me through my highs and lows.  I've seen him live X times, the last time in Victoria BC.  I tried and failed to get Temple of the Dog tickets in Seattle.

The night Chris died, I found out from a close friend who called and told me.  They didn't want me hearing it cold on the radio or Facebook.  I don't think I've ever been sadderall that has kept me going some days is being able to listen to my Cornell collection.  I made it to the LA Tribute in January , 2019, and the time I spent with Chris at his graveside is some of the most soul searching moments I've had in my 40 plus years on earth.  

My love is music, and I have a little operation called TsikenStaRR Production that focuses on promoting what Chris loved - local independent music.  Much of my work is done to help young bands get a start and exposure .

I promote here in Vancouver, and support bands throughout the Pacific Northwest and across Canada and still produce a bit remotely in Manila in the Philippines.  

I was overjoyed to have many fans and artists share their love of what we are doing by nominating me in the 2018 Vancouver Whammy Awards and so deeply touched and honoured to win the Best Promoter category for my contributions to the Vancouver independent music scene.


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